The Institute of Quarrying is the international professional body for quarrying, surface mining and the related extractive, processing and construction industries, with over 6,000 members in some 50 countries worldwide.

Membership is open to individuals, rather than companies, and the Institutes long term objective is to promote progressive improvements in all aspects of operational performance through the medium of education and training through to supervisory and management level.

The Institute of Quarrying
is working to establish professional standards globally which can be used as the foundation on which a successful career in the industry can be built. Thereafter, by participating in the Institutes activities through attendance at conferences, seminars, training courses, workshops, technical meetings and site visits, members have the opportunity to keep abreast of new ideas and developments to supplement the day-to-day knowledge gained in the workplace.

The Institute does not represent the commercial interest of members companies, nor it is in any sense a trade association. Rather it seeks to promote members interests through working to enhance the recognition of professional managers involved in an industry which provides society with some of its most basic needs, ranging from construction and road materials to minerals used in the manufacture and production of a multitude of everyday products.

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